Enrica Lexie Boy, 14, was pulled on a boat by Italian marines, the family wants 100 Crore


India accused two Italian sailors of killing two Indian fishermen in February 2012

New Delhi:

The family of a man who committed suicide in Kerala last year claims he was on the fishing boat which was criticized by Italian navies eight years ago when he was 14 years old. The court said India was entitled to compensation but could not try the marines for murder.

Prijin A was traumatized after witnessing the shooting of the oil tanker “Enrica Lexie”, which killed two fishermen on February 15, 2012 off the coast of Kerala, said his family in a letter to the center, according to Press Trust. of India. He was terrified and sustained minor injuries, said the July 6 letter to the secretary to the cabinet.

He became “very upset and then fell into depression” and committed suicide in July of last year, the family said, alleging that he had not been given the protection that a 14-year-old child. years should have been under international law.

“There was no medical assistance or psychological counseling for the child who had witnessed the cold-blooded murder of Ajeesh Pink (also his friend and neighbor) and another fisherman, Jelastine,” wrote the family.

Rs 100 crore was reasonable compensation for the “gross violation of natural justice and international human rights law committed against Prijin”, the letter said.

According to the family, Prijin was also the victim of the dismissal and deserved compensation under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Prijin’s family of eight includes his mother, 59, and his sisters.

Prijin was part of the crew of the fishing boat “St Antony”, which would have been engaged by its owner Fredy to help the fishermen and also to help to cook.

After the shooting, he was rushed to shore in another Indian fishing boat and returned home, his family said.

But after that day, he “seemed very disturbed without a good sleep”, used to wake up suddenly and cry out in his sleep.

Fredy, the owner of the boat, had visited Prijin several times and assured that he would get justice, the family said.

The family’s decision came almost a week after the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague ruled that India was entitled to compensation, but the marines cannot be prosecuted in India because they enjoyed the ‘immunity.

The marines appealed to the superior court against the Kerala High Court’s decision that the state could prosecute them. The two are now back in Italy.

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