Election Commission issues opinion to Imarti Devi of BJP


Imarti Devi is a candidate for BJP in Madhya Pradesh (file)


The Indian Election Commission (ECI) on Tuesday issued a notice to Imarti Devi of the BJP, asking her to explain her position within 48 hours for calling an anonymous political rival “mad”.

Imarti Devi is a BJP candidate in Madhya Pradesh. It made headlines after Madhya Pradesh Congressman Kamal Nath called it an “object.”

“He’s a Bengali, who came here to become the chief minister. He doesn’t know how to speak. He went ‘mad’ after being removed from the seat of the chief minister. Nothing can be said about him. He’s gone mad, ”the BJP leader said by ECI.

In the meantime, ECI also notified Kamal Nath and asked him to “explain” his position on the statement he made.

Later, after receiving the explanation from Kamal Nath, ECI asked him that while making public statements, he should not use such a word or statement (elementary remark).

The model code of conduct has been in effect in Madhya Pradesh since September 29.


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