Donald Trump rejects Barack Obama’s call to boost the vote, says success will cure racism


Donald Trump called Obama’s speech a “terrible and terrible representation of what our country is”


US President Donald Trump on Wednesday flatly rejected the need for direct action to tackle racism in the United States, rejecting his predecessor’s call for sweeping measures to strengthen civil and voting rights ahead of the election. November 3.

The Republican President, in an interview with Fox News, criticized President Barack Obama’s speech last week, in which the Democrat urged Americans to protect democracy and presented a list of necessary reforms such as Election Day a national holiday, expand early voting and increase polls. sites.

“There is an attack on our democratic freedoms and we should treat it as such,” Obama said in a eulogy to the late US Representative John Lewis, a black civil rights icon.

Tensions over racism and social injustice erupted again after the death on May 25 of a black man, George Floyd, at the hands of a police officer, sparking protests and debates across the country over the treatment of blacks and minorities.

The coronavirus pandemic and the resulting severe economic crisis have also disproportionately affected minorities.

Asked what could be done to heal the country’s racial divisions, Trump cited jobs and the economy and blamed the pandemic.

“Success will bring us together,” he said. “We have had this tremendous success,” he added. “We’re starting over but we were interrupted by the virus.”

Trump, who did not attend the Lewis memorials, called Obama’s speech a “terrible and terrible representation of what our country is.”

Polls show most Americans, including Republicans, back the protesters and back some changes in the police, with many rejecting Trump’s handling of racial discord.

Anti-racism efforts have recently gained traction with a wide range of Americans, including whites, suburban dwellers, business, and professional sports.

Trump, whose base is older and whiter, has denounced the protesters and touted “law and order” as part of his re-election campaign.

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