COVID-19 case at home, I’m in isolation, tweets Gautam Gambhir


BJP MP Gautam Gambhir said he had isolated himself after COVID-19 case at home

New Delhi:

Former cricketer and BJP MP Gautam Gambhir said he isolated himself after a person in his home tested positive for the coronavirus. Mr Gambhir, an MP for East Delhi constituency, said he was awaiting the result of his COVID-19 test.

“Due to a case at home, I was isolated while awaiting the result of my COVID test. Urge everyone to follow all directions and not take this lightly. Mr Gambhir tweeted.

The 39-year-old has represented India in 58 tests, 147 one-day internationals and 37 T20 internationals. He entered politics before Lok Sabha’s election in 2019 by joining the BJP.

The national capital reported more than 6,700 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, bringing the number of infections in the city to over 4.16 lakh with 66 more deaths on Thursday, the highest in four months.

Delhi’s High Court on Thursday criticized the Aam Aadmi party government over the growing number of COVID-19 cases and said the city may soon become the “corona capital of the country”.


Air quality in the National Capital Region or RCN has also been a matter of great concern as winter approaches amid the coronavirus pandemic.

India today reported 47,638 new cases of COVID-19, 5% fewer than Thursday.


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