Chirag Paswan thanks PM after his father’s funeral


LJP leader Chirag Paswan thanked Prime Minister Modi for his help in organizing his father’s funeral (File)


LJP leader Chirag Paswan, who mourns the loss of his father – Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan – today offered Prime Minister Narendra Modi his “sincere gratitude” for his help in organizing the funeral. took place on Saturday at the Janardhana Ghat in Patna.

In a moving tweet posted tonight, Chirag Paswan said he was going through a difficult period and the unsolicited help from the Prime Minister had come as a blessing. He also said that he hoped these blessings would stay with him always.

“Respected Prime Minister Narendra Modiji… my deep gratitude for your help in organizing the funeral and the final rites for my dad. Sir … you made all the arrangements without me asking you anything. As a son, I am going through a very difficult phase but I am inspired by your courage and encouragement, ”Mr. Paswan said in Hindi.

“May your blessings and affection always endure,” he added.

Ram Vilas Paswan, 74, died in a Delhi hospital last week after undergoing heart surgery the week before. His body was flown to Patna and he had a state funeral yesterday. The final rites were performed by her deeply grieved son, who fell unconscious after lighting the funeral pyre.

Chirag Paswan, a devoted son who posted videos of him playing barber for his father during the Covid lockdown, cried inconsolably when the Prime Minister visited the family residence in Delhi to pay his final respects.


Grief-stricken Chirag Paswan passed out after lighting the pyre of his father, Ram Vilas Paswan

“I am saddened beyond words. There is a void in our nation that may never be filled. Shri Ram Vilas PaswanjiHis disappearance is a personal loss. I lost a friend, an esteemed colleague and someone who was extremely passionate about ensuring that every poor person leads a dignified life, ”the Prime Minister tweeted on Thursday after the announcement of the death of Ram Vilas Paswan.

Mr. Paswan must now overcome the loss of his father and lead his party in the Bihar Assembly elections which begin in less than 20 days.

The young politician, who has made no secret of his main ministerial ambitions or his criticism of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, previously raised the banner of the BJP-led revolt against the NDA in the state and said the LJP would not contest the election with Mr. Kumar’s JDU.

A few days later, the BJP warned the leader of the LJP, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil (the highest party leader in the state) saying, “Come back into the bosom of the BJP or be kicked out.”

BJP’s relationship with the Paswan family has been complicated in the past due to Chirag Paswan’s criticism of Nitish Kumar and the fact that Ram Vilas Paswan was a member of the Narendra Modi government.

Elections for the Assembly of 243 Bihar members will take place in three phases starting October 28. The results are expected on November 3.

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