Chirag Paswan smokes as NDA ally seeks to probe the death of his father


Bihar Election: Jitan Ram Manjhi has targeted Chirag Paswan with questions about his father’s death.


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s ally Jitan Ram Manjhi has targeted Chirag Paswan with questions about his father’s death, bringing the matter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ram Vilas Paswan, who died on October 8 after a long illness, was a minister in Prime Minister Modi’s office.

In a letter to the prime minister, Manjhi called for a judicial inquiry into Paswan Senior’s death and questioned Chirag Paswan’s behavior, citing a video clip showing him preparing to record a standing speech next to the photo of Ram Vilas Paswan.

So far, opposition parties have targeted him over it, prompting furious reactions from the 37-year-old leader. But with Mr. Paswan firmly opposing Nitish Kumar in the ongoing state elections, BJP allies have also joined in and Jitan Ram Manjhi has compounded the problem.

“The nation is in shock over the death of Ram Vilas Paswan, but LJP leader Chirag Paswan was seen smiling while filming videos the day after the final rites. He was speaking about the shooting, which caused several questions are being raised by a section of Ram Admirers and relatives of Vilas, ”read the letter according to the ANI news agency.

“On whose instructions, the hospital where Ram Vilas Paswan was admitted, did not issue any medical bulletins? On whose instructions, only three people were allowed to meet Ram Vilas Paswan at the hospital?” It said.

Chirag Paswan responded with his own question.

“Why didn’t (Jitan Ram Manjhi) show so much concern about him (Ram Vilas Paswan) when he was hospitalized? Everyone is playing politics about a dead person now, why didn’t anyone bother to visit him when he was alive? Paswan Junior was quoted by the ANI news agency.

“I spoke to Manjhi-Ji about my father’s serious condition over the phone, but he never came to see my sick father,” said the chief, who accused Nitish Kumar of not worrying. that question.

“Those who talk about such things about a son should be ashamed of themselves,” he added.

Speaking of opposition parties that he was “not sad enough” about his father, Chirag Paswan said he did not need to prove his grief to anyone.

He also attacked the chief minister saying he never expected the Janata Dal (United) boss to drop so low.


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