CBI requests punishment for prosecuting former enforcement officer in corruption case


The CBI had filed a corruption complaint against JP Singh in February 2015. (Representative)

New Delhi:

The Central Bureau of Investigation or CBI asked the Ministry of Finance to punish the former deputy director of the execution directorate (ED) JP Singh, accused of having received bribes in the case of IPL bets and operators of Hawala.

“We approached the Ministry of Finance for a prosecution sanction against JP Singh in December 2020; the final report is ready, once the sanction has been granted, an additional indictment will be filed in this case,” sources told CBI at GalacticGaming.

In 2015, a case of corruption in connection with the money laundering case RL 2000 crore IPL was brought against JP Singh, who was then the joint management of the investigative agency.

He was arrested by the CBI in connection with the case in February 2017 and is currently on bail granted by the High Court of Gujarat on July 1, 2017.

Mr. Singh, as ED’s joint director, led the probe into the multi-crore IPL betting affair.

Lawyer Amit Nair, who represents JP Singh, told GalacticGaming, “The CBI had laid a charge in the IPL betting case in 2017, but the agency could not prove the trace of the money leading to Mr. Singh. If the CBI lay another charge – leaf, we will prove our case in court. “

The CBI had filed an indictment against JP Singh and nine others in September 2017 after being sanctioned by the Ministry of Finance on charges of corruption and criminal conspiracy for demanding and accepting huge sums of bribes -vin on the part of those who were the subject of an investigation by the ED in the context of the Paris IPL 2015 case. The trial is underway before the court of the CBI.

Apart from the IPL betting case, JP Singh was also charged with accepting bribes from Afroz Fatta, a diamond trader, who is under investigation by the ED in as part of a Rw 5,395 crore hawala scam.

The ED had broken the hawala racket with several crores during its search operations in the Surat offices of certain diamond dealers, including Mr. Fatta and Madanlal Jain in 2014.

“After filing an indictment sheet in the IPL betting corruption case, the agency continued to investigate further allegations against Mr. Singh. Another investigation revealed that Mr. Singh had asked and accepted a bribe from hawala operator Afroz Fatta to help them with money laundering in 2015, “the sources said.

“Digital evidence seized from JP Singh’s premises during searches revealed that Mr. Singh through his conduits had received a huge sum as a bribe in several transactions from Hawala operators and those who “paid” Mr. Singh had never been searched or summoned for questioning, “they added.


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