Case against South Delhi Covid patient for throwing PPE kit into the open


Coronavirus: Complaint filed against a COVID-19 patient for throwing a PPE kit in the open in the chic colony of Delhi.

New Delhi:

Days after a famous Bollywood music composer posted a video showing how the PPE kit of a potentially COVID-positive man lay on the road in his upscale South Delhi neighborhood, police confirmed the suspect was infected with coronavirus and filed a complaint against him under the epidemic law. Police, however, said the man would be arrested after he recovered from the fatal illness.

Music composer Shantanu Moitra’s one-minute video had sounded alarm bells on the internet and in the CR Park district of South Delhi, home to many elderly people. The video shows how parts of the kit potentially infected with coronavirus lay in the road.

Tagging Atishi Marlena, AAP MP for Kalkaji, Mr Moitra tweeted: “This is a video of a house in CRPark Delhi … with likely COVID patients dropping PPE kits there in the ravine behind … it is dangerous and dangerous. Many seniors live here and are petrified. The authorities are addressing this matter urgently. “

Upon seeing the video, Delhi Police investigated the case and filed a complaint. Police say the main culprit is still COVID-positive, legal action will be taken after her recovery.

The disturbing incident, reflecting public neglect in disposing of hazardous biomedical waste that could lead to the spread of the coronavirus, comes when the daily number of cases in Delhi has finally started to decline.

After being the second worst-affected state in the country, Delhi’s COVID tally is now at No.4. To prevent its coronavirus cases from increasing, the Delhi government has launched a second round of serological surveys. He plans to do such surveys every month to formulate better policies to tackle the COVID-19 situation in the nation’s capital.

India has reported 54,735 cases today, bringing its total COVID count to 17.5 lakh.


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