Buy Made In India to make the nation strong, says Prime Minister Modi in a new “Vocal for Local” pitch


PM Modi launched another “local voice” call during Mann ki Baat’s speech in June

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made another “vocal for the local” speech on Sunday, urging citizens to buy only products made in the country. The Prime Minister said that if people bought only local products and promoted them to others, they would play a role in strengthening India.

Carried out during the Prime Minister’s monthly radio address, Mann ki Baat, the call to buy “made in India” products forms the basis of the government’s vision for a “Atmanirbhar Bharat (Autonomous India) “to help the economy recover from the coronavirus blockage.

“If you buy local and make yourself heard for local, you play your part in making the country strong – it is also a type of service to the nation. Whether it is any profession, there is room for service to the nation, “said the Prime Minister. The minister said, adding: “People from all over India are writing, reiterating their support for the movement to make India self-reliant.”

The Prime Minister’s call for a loud voice today takes on added importance in the context of a widespread economic backlash against China.

Traders across the country, including CAIT (Confederation of Indian Traders, who claims to represent seven crore traders) have called for a boycott of Chinese goods after the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers in eastern Ladakh.

Photos and videos of people burning Chinese-made electronics and other products were widely shared on social media and, on Saturday, a group of Zomato employees burned branded t-shirts to protest the investment in the business.

The government also contributed; state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd has been advised not to use Chinese equipment for 4G upgrades and a railway contract awarded to a Chinese company has been withdrawn for “poor progress”.

The Prime Minister, while not explicitly supporting calls for a boycott of Chinese products, said the people’s decision would help “Atmanirbhar Bharat“.

“No mission can succeed without the participation of the people. This is why we seek the cooperation of all for a”Atmanirbhar Bharat“We will buy local products and make ourselves heard for the locals and this will help India to become stronger,” said the Prime Minister.

China’s response to boycott calls has been kept, Chinese government spokesman Global Times predicted that a smaller economy cannot impose “sanctions” on a larger one and “India will suffer more losses if it launches a trade war against China. “

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Congress said the “local voice” call was another trick by the Narendra Modi government to divert attention from “real problems”. Chief executive Kapil Sibal stressed that the Prime Minister’s “rhetoric” did not even include a roadmap to achieve this lofty goal.

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