Bihar police’s unique way of catching criminals: approach with a musical group


The families were also warned to help them get there within a specified time. (Representative)


In a unique approach, Bhagalpur police and a musical group arrived on Monday at the homes of missing criminals who are wanted in several cases and have pasted court notices outside their homes, asking them to surrender.

Families of criminals are also invited to assist in their surrender within a specified time.

“We have warned the families of the criminals to help them get there on time, or action will be taken, including the seizure of property,” said police chief Pawan Kumar.

A police team from Babarganj police station also arrived at the home of Chandan Yadav alias Karku in Maheshpur, who is wanted in several cases.

Post officer (SHO) Pawan Kumar, along with the group, also arrived at the home of another wanted criminal named Rahul, pasted the notice and alerted his family.


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