Ahmed Patel’s “Horse Vs Donkey” line after a question about the Congressional Farm Bill promise


Ahmed Patel claimed that the invoices issued by the center “would destroy the MSP system”.

New Delhi [India]:

Congressman Ahmed Patel attacked the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday saying his party’s manifesto was a “ horse ” and the BJP tried to compare it to a “ donkey ”.

“I’m going to talk about what the president of the BJP said about our manifesto. It is good that he has studied our manifesto and drew a few points out of it to compare with their bill. Our manifesto for the elections de Lok Sabha 2019 is a horse and they tried to compare it to a donkey, ”Patel said during a discussion of the agriculture reform bills in the Upper House.

“They only studied 2 out of 22 points that we listed in our manifesto. We have proposed reforms to help farmers but the current bills do nothing to protect farmers. Bills do not protect than businesses, ”he added.

Mr. Patel claimed that the invoices presented by the center “would destroy the MSP system”.

“They have no money to allocate funds to the Food Corporation of India (FCI) to buy the crops,” he added.

Previously, BJP MP Bhupender Yadav attacked the Congress party for opposing the agriculture bills in Rajya Sabha and asked the party why farmers’ incomes did not increase when Congress was in power. power.

YSRCP MP VV Reddy called Congress a “party of Dalal middlemen” and said there was no reason for Congress to oppose agriculture-related bills.

While supporting the bills, Mr Reddy said, “I want to bring the hypocrisy of the Congress party. In their election manifesto in Lok Sabha. They said the same things that are in the bills and now they don’t support them now? supporting them (the bills) are pro-farmers, those who oppose them are pro-Dalal. “


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