About horse trading fees, reminder of Sachin team driver to Ashok Gehlot



Allegations by Rajasthan’s chief minister, Ashok Gehlot, regarding the horse trade and a 20 crore rupee deal have sidelined the leaders of the Sachin Pilot team. A former minister asked Gehlot about the events in which MPs from the Bahujan Samaj party in Mayawati have joined Congress over the years. Mr. Meena was one of those who joined the fold of Congress.

BSP MPs have twice left their parties and merged with Congress, “both at the request of Mr. Gehlot,” said Ramesh Meena. In his first term, Mr. Gehlot introduced four deputies to Congress. During his second term, he recruited six MPs.

“Today they say we’re talking about” len-den “crores (give and take). I want to ask the chief minister – how much money were we paid when I joined Congress? Tell the truth. There was deception and they told us there would be growth, “he said.

Another deputy, Murari Lal Meena from Dausa, had a similar question.
“We are upset because he accuses us of corruption. We want to ask him – when we went from BSP to Congress in his last term, how much money did he give us,” he said.

Gehlot reiterated today his allegations of horse trading by the BJP before the Rajya Sabha elections. But this time, he accused his former assistant of being involved.

Gehlot, whose government was pushed to the brink of collapse following Mr. Pilot’s rebellion, said, “The former CCP leader was involved in relations with the BJP. I have proofs of horse trade “.

“Money has been offered. And who clarified that nothing is going on? Those who were themselves part of the plot are providing clarification,” said Gehlot, quoted by the press agency Press Trust of India .

The police were summoned to Mr. Pilot for an investigation into the so-called “horse trade” which sparked his rebellion over the weekend.

Sources close to the 42-year-old leader said it was a huge humiliation for him.

Mr. Gehlot had tried to minimize the summons, saying that he had also received one, but Mr. Pilot’s team had rejected it as an eye drop, because Mr. Gehlot, as head of the Ministry of Interior, was the boss of the investigation team.


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