AAP on Rs1 Crore Fine for waste combustion in Kirari


Even the Rs crore fine on NDMC for burning garbage is lower, said Raghav Chaddha of the Aam Aadmi party (File)

New Delhi:

Calling Delhi’s civic bodies run by the BJP as “more corrupt,” Aam Aadmi party national spokesman Raghav Chaddha said the government led by Arvind Kejriwal had tasked the pollution control committee to impose a fine of 1 crore rupees to the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC). to burn garbage in the open.

“Even a fine of Rs 1 crore is less. We will get this money back anyway. We will tie their account if necessary. This (burning garbage in the open) is criminal,” Mr Chaddha said. The NDMC had recently asserted that this was the case. faced with the funds crisis because the Delhi government owed it money.

However, NDMC mayor Jai Prakash said he filed a complaint against the Aam Aadmi party for trying to defame the BJP.

“The local MP and MP are both from the Aam Aadmi party. They intentionally burn garbage in the area (Kirari) and defame us,” Prakash told GalacticGaming.

A day earlier, the AAP leader tweeted images of the garbage fire at Baba Vidyapati Marg in North Delhi’s Kirari and accused the civic bodies led by the BJP – ruling in the center and locked in a Intense blame game with the AAP on air pollution in Delhi. – to allow it despite the deterioration of air quality amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“I would like to ask the Central Pollution Control Commission and the Supreme Court appointed EPCA, how does the BJP openly engage in this criminal act with unbridled impunity? How is municipal society burning down? -she rubbish with such shamelessness, ”he said.

Delhi’s BJP unit responded by saying Friday’s incident was a “lone case”.

“Delhi BJP draws attention to massive dust pollution due to hard work on disability projects across the city, including in Ashram Chowk, Pragati Maidan and in particular Chandni Chowk for which the High Court Delhi has shown its concern, and demands a response from the Delhi government on this matter. Delhi BJP said in a statement.

“This is not politics. We will take action against our own services if they violate the standards to control air pollution in Delhi,” Chaddha said today in view of recent sanctions. imposed on offenders, including the Delhi Public Works Department and the Central Public. Department of Works.

Continuing his party’s attack on the governments of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh for failing to control stubble burning, he said farm fires were “the main contributor to pollution in Delhi “.

“Last month the air quality was good. How is it that in a month it has become ‘very poor’. This is obviously due to the thatch burnt in Punjab and Haryana”, said tow group founder and chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. .

Mr Chaddha added that his party would also introduce an even-odd road rationing system if necessary.

The Delhi government recently launched the “Red Light On, Engine Off” campaign in an effort to prevent tons of vehicle emissions from being released into the air in Delhi which has been in the “poor” to “category. very poor “for last week.

The central government and the Delhi government have taken multiple measures to check the air pollution in Delhi. However, their blame game on the state of the skies over the nation’s capital continues.

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