93-year-old Panchubai woman in Madhya Pradesh reunites with family in Maharashtra after 40 years in detention


Panchubai’s grandson came to take her home on June 18.

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh:

About 40 years ago, Panchubhai was 53 when she accidentally landed in a small village in Madhya Pradesh after a local saved her from a bee attack. Separated from her family, she has lived with the villagers for the past four decades and has developed a bond with the locals, who did not understand her mother tongue – Marathi. Last week, when she was reunited with her family in Maharashtra, a large group of men and women gathered to send her tears.

Video shows women in Kota Tala village of Damoh district crying while saying goodbye to tears for the 93-year-old woman, better known as “Mausi (aunt) “for them. Panchubai is seen sitting in a red car.

Residents were overwhelmed and many of them cried inconsolably when Prithvi Kumar Shingle, her grandson, came from Nagpur to take her home on Thursday as part of the coronavirus shutdown.

Last month, she was sitting with Noor Khan’s eldest son, the man who saved Panchubai 40 years ago, when she whispered something to Marathi. She became a member of the family after Noor Khan brought her home in the 1980s.

He died in 2007, but the whole family was deeply attached to Panchubai, who was treated no less than a “grandmother,” they said.

Noor Khan’s son Israr was using his cell phone on May 3 when he asked Panchubai what the name of his village was when he was trying to help him find his roots.

“Khanjnama”, “Pathrot”, she whispered and Israr typed the two words on Google. Pathrot turned out to be his native village. He contacted a villager.

Israr sent them photos using WhatsApp and his family was found within hours.

“The villagers cry, we cry but they (Panchu bai’s family) refuse to send her back but now that her family has found her, they also want to be with her. It is good for her that she can finally meet her grandchildren, “said Israr.

Prithvi Kumar Shingle, who drove her 93-year-old grandmother to Nagpur, was surprised to see the affection of the villagers. He was not even born when his grandmother who was taken for treatment to Nagpur disappeared. 40 years later, we still don’t know how she reached Damoh.

“I am going with her, I am happy that we had this opportunity and really happy with the way the villagers took care of her,” he said.

Saying goodbye to Panchubhai for the villagers was not easy. Dressed in a new sari last Thursday, while seated in the car, a woman was seen hugging her. Another local put on a garland and burst into tears as “Mausi”, who had been part of their lives for four decades, set out on a new journey.


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