8-year-old boy raises nearly Rs 2 Lakh for poor student council exam fee


The student managed to raise around Rs 2 lakh. (Representative)

New Delhi:

An 8-year-old student from a private school in Delhi managed to collect around Rs 2 lakh to pay the board examination fee of over 100 public school students who could not afford the fee due to financial difficulties.

Adhiraaj Sejwal, who studies in class 3, started the noble act after learning from his mother, a teacher at the public school in Begumpur, that some students in her school were unable to afford the fees. ‘exam.

Moved by their plight, he took Rs 12,500 out of his piggy bank and deposited the fees for five students. Now he has collected around Rs 2 lakh, which would be enough to pay the tuition fees of over 100 students in two weeks.

The last payment date for the jury examination fees for classes 10 and 12 is October 15.

Among the students who would benefit from the assistance, 86 are in class 12 and 16 in class 10. Their exam fees are around Rs 2,250 to Rs 2,400.

“I heard my mom talking to someone on the phone. She looked worried. She told me that some students were not able to afford their CBSE exam fees. Then I thought about paying the fees for five students. Later I noticed that there were several of the people who also wanted to help. Parents of my classmates and others also contributed. Later I collected Rs 1,80,000, “Adhiraj told ANI.

Adhijraj’s father, Abhishek Sejwal, is happy with the son’s initiative and helping him to help more.

“My wife was responsible for educating parents about paying the exam fees. Some students said they couldn’t pay. Adhiraj asked him about the problem. He later offered to help, ”he said.

“He said he would pay five students. Then we also thought we would pay the fees for 5-6 students. We discussed it with our family. We started a campaign and raised funds. My friends and relatives have also given their share. We were able to collect around Rs 2 lakh. About 100 students will receive help, ”he added.

In 2019, the Delhi government took responsibility for paying the fees for the weakest students in the economy after the central government increased fees.


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