5-year-old boy killed by leopard in Gujarat: forest official


The leopard grabbed the child by the neck and tried to drag him away, the official said (Representative)

Chhota Udepur:

A five-year-old boy was mutilated to death by a leopard in Chhota Udepur district of Gujarat, a forestry department official said on Tuesday.

The attack took place while Vansh Rathwa was playing near his home in Umarva village in Pavi Jetpur taluka on Monday evening, deputy forest curator Nilesh Pandya said.

“The leopard grabbed the child by the neck and tried to drag him away even as his father threw stones at the animal to save his child. The boy suffered a serious neck injury and died on his way to the ‘hospital,’ Mr Pandya said.

“Umarva is an income village located near a forest area. The leopard may have strayed in search of prey and water. The area has received low rainfall this year,” he said. declared.

Mr Pandya said five cages and camera traps had been placed in the area to capture the leopard and forestry staff were watching.

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