5 points, according to sources


Sources say Sachin Pilot likes the post of chief minister. (Archive photo)

New Delhi:

Congressional government in Rajasthan to see Deputy Prime Minister Sachin Pilot rush to Delhi with loyal MPs after hostilities with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot peaked in the past two days . Sources say Sachin Pilot, who also heads Congress in Rajasthan, was in talks with the BJP, which took power in two states earlier, thanks to high-profile defections from Congress.

Here is what we know from these discussions:

  1. Talks between Sachin Pilot and the BJP were said to have started before the country was blocked for coronavirus in late March.
  2. Sources say Sachin Pilot is attached to the post of chief minister, which he lost to veteran Ashok Gehlot after Congress won the 2018 poll in state polls.
  3. The BJP, however, says that Mr. Pilot must bring down the government if he wants the highest position.
  4. In addition, the BJP has its own chief ministerial candidate. Former chief minister Vasundhara Raje has the support of nearly 45 BJP deputies.
  5. Sources say Mr. Pilot discussed with his congressional bosses the possibility of creating a regional party and said he would not join the BJP.


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