5.03 Lakh Indians Brought Through, Says Center


Kerala has received the largest number of stranded Indians (94,085) (Representation)


On Tuesday, the Center informed the Madras High Court that 5.03,990 Lakh Indians stranded in 137 countries were brought back to the country via the Vande Bharat Mission (VBM) in less than two months.

Tamil Nadu is the fourth state to have welcomed a large number of its residents through the mission, he added.

“Kerala hosted the largest number of stranded Indians (94,085), followed by Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh” , said India’s Additional Solicitor General, R Sankaranarayananan.

The largest number of stranded Indians returned by VBM flights comes from the United Arab Emirates (57,305), followed by Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

From Nepal, 91,193 people returned through the land border checkpoints, he added.

During the fourth phase of the mission, an additional 218 flights are planned to India from various countries, more than 25 of which will land in Tamil Nadu, he said.

Sankaranarayanan commented on DMK’s request for personal information, alleging that the government of Tamil Nadu refused to authorize these mission flights in the state.

When the argument was heard, lead counsel P Wilson argued that previously the problem was that the state government refused permission.

Now that the state has made it clear that it has no objection to such thefts, the Center must find a solution to bring back 25,939 state residents, who are still stranded in various countries, he said. declared.

“We will need at least 146 more flights for the 25,939 to return to India,” said Wilson.

In addition, these stranded people who need financial assistance should receive such assistance from the funds available in the welfare funds of the Indian community, which so far have not been provided, a- he says.

For this, Sankaranarayanan said that fewer flights to Tamil Nadu does not mean that residents of the state do not return.

Such flights do not necessarily land in Tamil Nadu. They land in different states and then return to the state, he said.

Recording the submissions, a division bench for Judge MM Sundresh and Judge R Hemalatha ordered the center to obtain instructions on the return plan for 25,939 state residents and to inform the court before July 20.

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