4 killed in SUV-bus collision on Rajasthan Jodhpur-Barmer road: police


Some of the bus passengers and the driver were slightly injured: Police (Representation)


Four people, including two women, were killed after their SUV collided head-on with a bus coming from the opposite direction on the Jodhpur-Barmer highway here on Tuesday, police said.

Some passengers on the bus, which was traveling to Balotara from Jodhpur, were also injured in the collision, they said.

Due to the impact of the collision, the SUV got stuck under the bus. Passers-by rushed to rescue the passengers but there was little they could do. Two cranes were deployed to pull the SUV out from under the bus and remove the bodies, police said.

Shankar Patel, a janitor in Ajeet town of Barmer, was taking a patient and her two family members to Jodhpur for treatment in her car, senior (west) police officer Umesh Ojha said.

“Between the villages of Lunawas and Bhandu, on the Jodhpur-Barmer highway, he tried to overtake a vehicle. He didn’t notice that the bus was coming from the opposite direction. He stuck his SUV into the bus while accelerating to pass the other vehicle, “said the officer. said.

Patel and the three passengers in the car died on the spot, he added.

The impact of the collision left the front end of the SUV severely damaged, Ojha said.

Some of the bus passengers and the driver were slightly injured and were taken to hospital for treatment, he said.


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