2 elephants to transform Crorepatis as Bihar Man wants them half their property


Good news for two Bihar elephants, they get half the goods from a man


Elephants have made headlines for tragic reasons in recent weeks, but in Bihar, a man’s gesture will delight the hearts of many. He decided to rent half of his property to two elephants – Moti and Rani.

“Animals are faithful, unlike humans. I have worked for the conservation of elephants for many years. I do not want my elephants to be orphaned after my death,” Akhtar Imam told the ANI news agency. He says that elephants are like his children and that he cannot live without them.

Moti is 15 and Rani is 20. They have always been with Akhtar Imam, who runs a non-profit organization for elephants. Imam says he has decided to donate his land, which is worth a few crores, to the elephants because he believes they will be taken care of by the non-profit group after his death.


“I don’t want my elephants to be orphaned after my death”, Akhtar Imam

Reports indicate that elephants have repeatedly saved him from attacks by local morons. “Once there was an attempted murder against me. At that time, the elephants had saved me. When some people with pistols tried to enter my room, my elephant alerted me and I could sound the alarm, “said Akhtar Imam.

The heartwarming story comes amidst lingering anger and grief over the death of a pregnant wild elephant last month after eating a substance mixed with explosives in the Palakkad of Kerala.

The 15-year-old elephant wandered with serious mouth injuries and died standing in the Velliyar River a week later, on May 27. Amid public outrage, the government of Kerala launched an investigation and a man allegedly involved in the manufacture of explosives was arrested.


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