15,413 cases of coronavirus in India in 24 hours in the biggest day jump


To date, more than 13,000 people have died from a coronavirus in India.

New Delhi:
The number of coronaviruses in India jumped to 4,10461 infections this morning as it recorded the steepest day jump of 15,413 new patients in the past 24 hours, said the health ministry. ‘Union this morning, a few hours after the country’s COVID-19 count exceeded four. lakh-mark. A total of 13,254 patients have died since the start of the pandemic. Of these, 306 people have died in the past 24 hours. Fourth country most affected by the pandemic, India reports a record increase in its workforce over the past four days.

  1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi this morning urged people across the country to adopt yoga to strengthen immunity in the midst of the pandemic as he addressed the nation on World Yoga Day. “Covid-19 attacks our respiratory system. What makes our respiratory system stronger is” Pranayama “, which is a breathing exercise. Many coronavirus patients around the world benefit from it through yoga”, said PM Modi. World Yoga Day has gone digital this year for the first time since its inception in 2015.

  2. This is the fourth consecutive day that India has recorded a record jump in the number of cases of coronavirus. On Saturday, 14,516 new infections were reported, 13,586 new cases were recorded on Friday. Thursday, 12,881 new infections were recorded in 24 hours, according to government data.

  3. So far, almost 2.27 lakh people have recovered. The country’s recovery rate stood at 55.48% this morning.

  4. India tested a record number of 1.9 lakh of samples on Saturday, bringing the total number of samples tested since the start of the pandemic to 68.07.226. The country’s average positivity rate – the ratio of positive cases to the number of tests carried out – was 7.64% this morning.

  5. The most affected state in the country, Maharashtra has intensified its fight against the coronavirus. He decided to conduct body tests for all front line workers. Antibody tests determine if you had COVID-19 in the past and if you now have antibodies to the virus. The state also plans to rely on intensive care tele-units – remote command centers for essential health workers – in the fight against coronavirus.

  6. Maharashtra reported a peak of 3,874 cases on Saturday, bringing its number to 1.28 cases. To date, 5,984 people have died.

  7. With the third highest number of cases in India, Delhi recorded the largest increase in daytime infections on Saturday with 3,630 new patients, bringing the total to nearly 56,000 cases. Private hospitals will charge no more than 18,000 rupees a day for beds in intensive care units with assisted ventilation when treating COVID-19 patients, the Delhi government ordered on Saturday.

  8. This year, Uttar Pradesh suspended Kanwar yatra – the annual pilgrimage of the faithful of the Hindu god Shiva. The High Court of Gujarat suspended Saturday the annual Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath of Ahmedabad, scheduled for June 23, given the current situation of coronaviruses.

  9. Earlier this week, the Supreme Court said that Lord Jagannath rath yatra and related activities would not be allowed this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Lord Jagannath will not forgive us if we allow the yatra rath,” said India’s chief justice, SA Bobde, as he heard a petition to defer the yatra rath to Odisha’s Puri, which was to begin on June 23.

  10. Globally, more than 86 lakh people have been affected by the pandemic; about 4.6 lakh died. With more than 22 cases of lakh, the United States is the most affected country, followed by Brazil, Russia, India and the United Kingdom.


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