15,000 Bangladeshis have obtained Indian citizenship in the past 5 years: Center


Center says 83,008 ‘dubious voters’ cases pending in Assam foreigners’ courts

New Delhi:

India has granted citizenship to 15,000 people from Bangladesh over the past five years, and the cases of 83,008 who were declared “questionable voters” are pending in foreigners’ courts in Assam, said today. hui the Ministry of the Interior in Lok Sabha. According to the report, 86,756 people have been declared foreigners in the past five years.

“The government of Assam has informed that the outstanding cases of questionable voters in Assam in the FT (Courts of Foreigners) are 83,008 and that the number of people declared foreign in Assam from 2015 to June 30, 2020 is 86,756, ”State Minister of the Interior Nityanand Rai said in a written response.

The interior ministry said foreigners’ courts only function in Assam.

Explaining the procedure, Mr. Rai said that the detention centers are set up by the state governments and the administrations of the territory of the Union in accordance with their obligation to detain illegal immigrants or foreigners who have completed their sentence, pending their deportation to their country.

Details of the number of detention centers set up by state governments and Union territory administrations as well as the number of foreign nationals held in these detention centers are not centralized, he said.


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