12 Maoists travel to Chhattisgarh, 5 of them carrying cash rewards


One of the Maoists wore a reward of Rs 2 lakh on his head, an official said (Representative)


Twelve Maoists, including five collectively carrying a reward of Rs 6 lakh on their heads, went to the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh on Sunday, police said.

The cadres went to police and CRPF officials in the town of Dantewada, saying they were impressed with the rehabilitation campaign carried out by the local police and disappointed with the hollow Maoist ideology, the superintendent said. Dantewada police, Abhishek Pallava, at PTI.

Devti Karma, MP for Dantewada, was also present on the occasion, he said.

Among these ultras, Chanduram Sethiya, who was active as a member of platoon no. 26 Maoists were reportedly involved in three Maoist attacks, including in Bhusaras-Chingavarm in 2008, in which 23 policemen and two civilians were killed, he said.

Mr Sethiya wore a reward of Rs 2 lakh on his head, Mr Pallava said.

Four other abandoned ultras – Lakhmu Hemla, Sunil Tati, Manu Mandavi and Maituram Bars – who worked in different capacities in separate areas in southern Bastar, wore rewards of Rs 1 lakh each on their heads, he said. .

The remaining seven Maoists were active as lower-ranking Maoist members, he said.

Among them, an Amit Kawasi was allegedly involved in the October 2018 attack in Nilawaya, in which three police officers and a cameraman from Doordarshan were killed in Dantewada, he said.

“The 12 ultras said in their statement that they were disappointed with the hollow Maoist ideology and were impressed with the ‘Lon Varratu’ campaign (a term coined in the local dialect Gondi which means ‘return to your village’ ‘). by the Dantewada police, ”Pallava said.

According to the officer, they will receive facilities in accordance with the government’s surrender and rehabilitation policy, he said.

As part of the “Lon Varratu” initiative launched in June, the police put up posters and banners in the villages of origin of the Maoists, which have cash rewards on their heads.

The posters mention the names of the rebels and ask them to join the mainstream, the police official said.

“So far 82 Maoists, including 12, have surrendered on impulse,” he added.

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