1 Dead As Mobs Chase Men Transporting Cattle, Rajasthan, UP Cops Pass The Buck


Rajasthani police reserve one of three men charged with illegal transportation of livestock (File)

Bharatpur, Rajasthan:

The investigation into the death of a man accused of illegally transporting livestock hit a roadblock with police officers from Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, each passing the bullet. The man, who was one of three accused of illegally moving the animals, was reportedly killed by a crowd on the border between the two states.

Cops from Rajasthan said the crowd of UP Mathura had crossed the border into his state near the town of Jurhera. Their UP counterparts said that since the incident in Rajasthan, they will not be investigating.

In the midst of the bureaucratic struggle between the police, two of the three accused men were injured and admitted to a hospital in Mathura. One of them died.

The third, from Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh, was arrested by villagers from Nonera in Bharatpur in Rajasthan and was reserved by the police in the relevant sections. He too received medical treatment for his injuries.

According to reports, the crowd was chasing the three men accused of illegally moving cattle. The crowd caught up with two, which they beat and took back with them.

Rajasthani police said the offense started when the crowd attacked the three men for transporting cattle inside the borders of the UP. During the chase, they crossed the border, police said, saying it made a case for the Uttar Pradesh police.

The vehicle in which the crowd was chasing the three men – the Tata 407, a light utility vehicle manufactured by Tata Motors – was seized by Rajasthani police.

In August last year, the Rajasthan Assembly passed a bill providing for a life sentence and a fine of between Rs 1 and Rs 5 lakh for those convicted in cases of popular attacks involving death of victims.


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