US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Says National Security Law Hits Hong Kong Autonomy


Mike Pompeo Says US Urges China To Reconsider “Disastrous Proposal” (Feature)


On Friday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized Beijing for a new security bill for Hong Kong and warned that the semi-autonomous territory could lose its special trading privileges.

“The decision to bypass Hong Kong’s well-established legislative processes and ignore the will of the Hong Kong people would be a fatal blow to the high degree of autonomy that Beijing has promised for Hong Kong,” said Pompeo in a statement. .

Pompeo said the move could lead the U.S. to refuse to certify Hong Kong as autonomous under a new U.S. law, attacked by Beijing, which aimed to support months of pro-democracy protests.

If the United States determines that Hong Kong is no longer self-sufficient, the financial center risks losing its preferential trading status with the world‘s largest economy.

“The United States urges Beijing to reconsider its disastrous proposal, to comply with its international obligations and to respect the high degree of autonomy, democratic institutions and civil liberties in Hong Kong, which are essential to preserve its status special under US law, “said Pompeo.

“Any decision affecting the autonomy and freedoms of Hong Kong guaranteed by the Sino-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law would inevitably have an impact on our assessment of a country, two systems and the status of the territory”, said he declared.

China has promised to ensure Hong Kong’s autonomy before it regains control of the territory from Britain in 1997.

Earlier on Friday, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam promised to cooperate fully with the new security law unveiled during the session of the Chinese parliament.

The law would impose punishment for “subversion” and other perceived threats to the communist system – measures that pro-democracy leaders in Hong Kong would effectively end the city’s special status.

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