PM Modi praises innovators in agriculture, entrepreneur based in Pulwama


PM Modi also highlighted the work of people engaged in the electronic platform. (File)

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on his “Mann ki Baat” radio show on Sunday, praised people for taking initiatives such as providing books for free to needy students and offering innovative concepts like mobile libraries.

The Prime Minister praised the efforts of Manzoor Ahmed Elahi, who supplies pencil slates to large companies in the country.

“Today Pulwama in Kashmir plays an important role in educating the entire nation. Almost 90% of the demand for pencil slate in the country is met by the Kashmir Valley and Pulwama is a big part of it. At one time we used to import wood for pencils, but now our Pulwama makes the nation self-sufficient in this area. Chinar Valley wood has a high moisture content and smoothness that makes it most suitable for the production of pencils. Ukhoo in East Pulwama There are many units engaged in the production of slate pencils which create jobs and in these units women are working in large numbers, ”the prime minister said.

The prime minister said Manzoor Ahmed Elahi was a normal lumberjack and now provides jobs for 200 people.

“Elahi wanted to do something new so that his next generation would not live in poverty. He sold his ancestral property and started an apple wood case manufacturing unit. While engaged in his small business, he learned that Chinar wood was used. in the production of pencils. After learning this, Manzoor showed his entrepreneurial instincts and started supplying popular wooden boxes to famous pencil-making units. He found it profitable and his income started to increase as well. He then bought pencil slate machines and began supplying. He employs about 200 people and has gross sales in crore. On behalf of the compatriots, I appreciate his efforts, ”he added.

The Prime Minister also highlighted the work of those engaged in the electronic platform and the delivery of agricultural products.

“A self-help group of women from Jharkhand got an ‘Ajivika Farm Fresh’ app designed to deliver vegetables and fruit to households directly from farmers’ fields,” he said.

“Atul Patidar from Barwani, Madhya Pradesh, has connected 400 farmers in his regions through digital media. Thanks to the farm card on Patidar’s electronic platform, farmers are now able to receive deliveries home farming essentials like fertilizers and pesticides. Farming equipment is also available for hire on this digital platform. Even during lockdown, thousands of packages containing cottonseeds and vegetables were delivered to farmers through this platform, ”he said.

The prime minister said that a company of agricultural producers procured corn from the corn harvesters and this time the company paid not only the cost of the corn, but also an additional bonus.

Prime Minister Modi also spoke about Sandeep Kumar from Chandigarh who runs an NGO that has set up a mobile library in a van, through which, poor children receive books for free … Likewise, ‘Pustak Parab’ ‘, an innovative project, provides free literary and other books.

Prime Minister Modi also spoke about Pon Mariyappan from Thoothukudi, TamilNadu, who runs a salon. “He converted part of his living room into a library. He studied up to grade 8 only,” Prime Minister Modi said.


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