“Pic has been cropped, I have become a scapegoat,” says man in viral photo with Aaliya Siddiqui


Peeyush Pandey also stated that he had been notified of a legal action (courtesy Peeyush Pandey)

Strong points

  • “I shouldn’t be dragged into a family fight,” said Peeyush Pandey.
  • He was named by the tabloids as the third in an alleged romantic triangle
  • “I feel targeted,” he told GalacticGaming.

New Delhi:

“I should not be drawn into a family fight that has nothing to do with me,” said Peeyush Pandey, a media professional at GalacticGaming, after being named by the tabloids the third of an alleged romantic triangle that allegedly destroyed the marriage of actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Entertainment news week dominated by headlines about Aaliya’s 46-year-old actor divorce, his wife of just over a decade. Mr. Siddiqui, who visits his family in his hometown of Budhana in Uttar Pradesh and has been quarantined for two weeks, has kept dignified silence on the impending divorce as well as the rumors; Aaliya Siddiqui joined Twitter a few days ago to dismiss rumors of a case and to discredit a viral image which seems to show it to Peeyush Pandey and to her.

The photo in question was taken at a party where around 20 other guests were present, Mr. Pandey told GalacticGaming, adding that it had been cropped and was used to “slander” and “tarnish” his picture. “This photo has three people and someone has just cropped the third person and only used mine and Aaliya’s to suggest that there is something between us – which is just ridiculous”, a he declared.

Peeyush Pandey also said that he had been informed of a lawsuit which he could consider pursuing after the lifting of the foreclosure. “I feel focused and drawn into something that has nothing to do with me. It is so unfair that I have been made a scapegoat here,” he said. He was reluctant to clarify who he said made him a scapegoat, saying that his intention was not to accuse anyone but to present his “side of the story”. Mr. Pandey has been professionally associated with Nawazuddin Siddiqui for several years and says that he met and interacted with Aaliya Siddiqui through her husband.

Aaliya Siddiqui, in tweets, dismissed the viral photo as “manipulated” and ruminated that she was currently in a romantic relationship outside of her marriage.

Talk to Indian Express earlier this week, Aaliya Siddiqui said marriage had been difficult over the past 10 years that she and Nawazuddin Siddiqui got married. “I won’t be able to talk about the problems right now, but yes, we have had problems in the past ten years. Now, during the lockdown, I thought and thought that I should end this marriage. I had sent him the notice well before he left for Muzaffarnagar, and he hasn’t responded to my opinion yet, so I have to take a legal route now, “she said. Ms. Siddiqui posted and WhatsApped the notice of divorce to her husband and said that she did not receive a response.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui reached Budhana, in the Muzaffarnagar Uttar Pradesh district, last weekend after requesting and obtaining travel authorization. He is currently under mandatory two-week home quarantine. Mr. Siddiqui’s sister died a few months ago and, as he revealed in a tweet, his mother has recently been the target of panic attacks.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is known for his roles in acclaimed films such as Gangs Of Wasseypur and Manto, consumer offers such as Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Raeesand TV shows like Sacred games. His latest film Ghoomketu has just been released on ZEE5.

Nawazuddin and Aaliya Siddiqui were married in 2009 and have two children.


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