Chinese city tests its 11 million inhabitants after the detection of the Covid cluster


Qingdao Completed City-Wide Nucleic Acid Test Covering All Its 11 Million People


The Chinese coastal city of Qingdao on Friday completed testing all of its 11 million people after a new COVID-19 cluster was detected in a hospital due to improper disinfection, a senior local official said.

Xue Qingguo, deputy mayor of Qingdao, told media on Friday that more than 10.16 million of the samples taken had been tested and the results showed no new positive cases.

He said Qingdao had completed a city-wide nucleic acid test covering all of its 11 million people as of Monday, after a new COVID-19 cluster emerged.

Ma Lixin, deputy party leader of the provincial health commission, said earlier in the day that improper disinfection in the CT scan room at Qingdao Chest Hospital led to the new cluster of COVID infections. -19 in the city.

The possibility that the new cluster infections were caused by cross infection in the community was also ruled out, he said, according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency.

He said no community transmission has taken place.

The Qingdao cluster created concern nationwide as thousands of people visited the tourist town during the recent National Day holiday.

Beijing officials have announced strict management of international arrivals to the capital, including three tests to be performed before departure, at Chinese customs and after the end of a quarantine period.

Some 34 hotels have been opened for medical observation for people who entered the capital after September 3, when the city resumed some international flights.

Sui Ruwen, vice mayor of the city and head of the public security bureau, said there were no further positive results beyond those already in quarantine.

The case is an unrelated viral infection of a 40-year-old port worker who tested positive but showed no symptoms three weeks ago.

“Usually the incubation period of the virus ranges from one to 14 days, but there are also reported cases where the incubation period has lasted four weeks,” said Sun Yunbo, director of an expert team. doctors organized to treat the city’s new coronavirus, adding that the dock worker is an individual case.

The new case was in addition to 12 previously reported infections, which were closely linked to the city lung hospital.

Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said efforts in the coming days should focus on close contacts of cases at the lung hospital, especially if there are any contacts. narrow which have not been discovered and isolated. .

“The priorities for prevention should be in hospital wards, especially those receiving confirmed cases overseas, and the use of large medical equipment should also be isolated,” Wu said.

“Wearing face masks, respecting social distances and frequent hand washing should become a daily routine,” he told China Daily.

In response to the recent epidemic in Qingdao, Sui Zhenhua, director of the Qingdao health commission, was suspended from his duties and is under investigation, and Deng Kai, dean of the lung hospital, has been removed from office, according to statements by the city government. Thursday.

At the same time, China’s National Health Commission (NHC) said a total of 24 confirmed cases from outside the mainland were reported on Friday.

A new suspected COVID-19 case outside the mainland has been reported in Shanghai, the commission said.

Among the new imported cases, 11 were reported in Shanghai, five in Inner Mongolia, two in Tianjin, Jiangsu and Guangdong each, and one in Fujian and Chongqing each, the NHC said.

By the end of Thursday, 240 people from abroad were being treated in hospitals. The Commission said 376 asymptomatic cases, including 375 outside the mainland, were still under medical surveillance.

As of Thursday, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases on mainland China reached 85,646, of which 253 patients are still in treatment, four of whom are in serious condition.

A total of 80,759 patients had been released after their recovery and the death toll from the coronavirus stood at 4,634, he said.


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