BJP is present in 83% of voting booths in Bengal: Dilip Ghosh


Bengal polls will be a direct fight between BJP and TMC, said Dilip Ghosh (File)


The BJP has expanded its presence to over 83% of West Bengal voting booths and is working tirelessly on the ground to defeat the TMC led by Mamata Banerjee in the upcoming Assembly polls, with Amit Shah and JP Nadda galvanizing the base with their regular visits, party chairman Dilip Ghosh said on Wednesday.

The BJP has launched its campaign for assembly elections due early next year and is challenging Trinamool Congress with a new slogan: “Ei baar Bangla, speak samla (Now it’s Bengal’s turn, hang in there if you can), ”Ghosh told the PTI, referring to the NDA’s recent victory in the Bihar polls.

In this election in West Bengal, it will be a direct fight between the BJP and the TMC, he said, calling the left parties and Congress of exhausted strength.

Referring to the defection of TMC leaders from his party before the ballot box, Mr Ghosh said even leaders of the party led by Mamata Banerjee feel suffocated and seek “the oxygen of freedom”, while the BJP is a democratic party with “oxygen bottles”.

Mr. Ghosh said that for effective management of the party’s campaign, the BJP divided the state into five zones – Medinipur, North Bengal, Kolkata, Nabadwip and Rahr Bongo – based on local issues and their characteristics.


The party has expanded its footprint in the state and is now present in more than 65,000 (or over 83%) voting booths out of a total of 78,000, he said.

National party leaders, including J P Nadda and Amit Shah, will visit the state every month, he said. “Amit Shah-ji should visit the state every month and his presence will boost the morale of party workers, ”he added.

Although the BJP has a marginal presence in the assembly, it has emerged as the main challenger to the TMC in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, ruling out left-wing parties and Congress.

He won 18 of Lok Sabha’s 42 seats in the state, just four fewer than TMC’s 22.


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