Amarinder Singh to meet with farmers protesting new farm laws


Amarinder Singh to meet farmers protesting new farm laws (FILE)


Punjabi Chief Minister Amarinder Singh invited protesting farmers to a meeting in Chandigarh on Saturday, a day after seeking support from the Union government to create a “pleasant environment” to end their prolonged agitation against the new agricultural laws of the Center.

“Farmers’ organizations were invited to a meeting by the chief minister in Chandigarh. In this regard, we held a meeting at Kisan Bhavan in Chandigarh on Saturday and regardless of the consensus regarding the invitation of the Chief Minister to this meeting, we act accordingly, ”the State Secretary General said on Friday. ‘Union Bharat Kisan (Dakaunda), Jagmohan Singh.

With farmers refusing to allow the movement of passenger trains in the state, Amarinder Singh on Thursday urged the Center to show magnanimity and not tie the restoration of freight services with the movement of passenger trains.

Mr Singh had also urged the Union government to support his government in creating an enabling environment to end the protracted farmer unrest, which has had serious repercussions on the state and the nation.

The standoff between protesting farmers and the railways continued over the issue of resuming trains.

On Wednesday, the Punjab’s farming bodies said they would consider allowing passenger trains to run in the state if the Center started running freight trains first.

However, the railroads had refused, saying they would operate both freight and passenger trains or none.

The suspension of freight trains has affected supplies of fertilizer for the agricultural sector and coal for thermal power plants, in addition to negatively affecting the industry.

Amarinder Singh said on Thursday that it was the joint responsibility of the state and central governments to create an environment conducive to the resolution of the current crisis resulting from the suspension of rail services.


According to an earlier government statement, Amarinder Singh is also expected to hold meetings with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi in the near future.

Earlier, the chief minister said he intended to hold talks with representatives of farmers and also meet with Prime Minister Modi and Mr. Shah on the matter, which resulted in massive losses to the public treasury every day, while causing irrevocable damage to the industry. and agriculture.

He said he would urge both sides to take proactive steps to find an amicable solution to the problem.

The farmers, who are protesting the three farm laws, said they will reach Delhi via five highways connecting the national capital on November 26 as part of their call for the “ Delhi Chalo ” march.

Farmers have expressed concern that the new laws will pave the way for dismantling the minimum support price system, leaving them at the “mercy” of big business.

They demanded that the laws be repealed.

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