31 jewelry store employees tested positive, contact tracing enabled


Indore Covid-19 Updates: The jewelry showroom – Anand Jewels – is undergoing remediation.


A jewelry store in Indore, Madhya Pradesh – one of the state’s worst hit areas by the novel coronavirus outbreak – has been temporarily closed for cleaning and disinfection after 31 employees tested positive for Covid -19 highly infectious. Health officials have started tracking customers who visited the store last week.

“We have started to search for infected staff and customers, who have come in contact with them in the past week. We want to check if any of them have a cough, cold or other symptoms of Covid so we can get them tested, “Chief Medical Officer Dr Pravin Jadia told reporters. The jewelry showroom – Anand Jewels – is being disinfected and will only reopen after fumigation, officials said.

Millions of people across the country celebrated Diwali and Dhanteras last week, and the number of people visiting the markets has increased significantly amid the festivities, compared to the past few months. Images from Delhi and Mumbai showed people wandering the streets without masks and violating government-imposed social distancing standards.

In Madhya Pradesh, more than 1.86 lakh people have tested positive for the coronavirus so far; over 1,200 deaths have been reported. Indore, which yesterday reported 194 new infections, is one of the worst affected districts.


Across India, more than 89.5 lakh people have contracted the virus since the first case was reported in Kerala on January 30. While nearly 83.83 lakh people have recovered so far, more than 1.31 lakh of Covid-related deaths have been recorded.

India has the second highest number of Covid cases in the world after the United States, where 1.15 million infections have been recorded since the start of the pandemic.


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