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the bitcoin code automated system
A lot of Celebrities Has Endorsed Bitcoin Code – is that true?
bitcoin code builds by Elon Musk – There were quite a few rumors about Elon Musk and BTC invested in Bitcoins, but Elon Musk himself denied that he owns only a very little BTC. Elon Musk did not create Bitcoin Code software. it’s known as Steve McKay bitcoin code.
Who is Steve McKay?
The handsome guy whose photo you see in the video introduces himself as Steve McKay. He is the so-called CEO and founder of the Bitcoin trading Code App. Don’t fall for the charming face of this guy. Behind that face, the scammers intend to hide all their crooked actions and conspiracies. The niceties just don’t stop at his face, this guy is giving away free memberships to his bitcoin App too! Steve Mckay has reportedly made $100 million through his bitcoin code software. the bitcoin code automated system

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