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Finn Staff Application
RP Name: Acting Operative Finn
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:433682260
Steam URL Link:
Discord Name (include #numbers):TANK#3942
Playtime:3d 17h
Do you have a working microphone:YES

Why are applying for a staff role at Galactic Gaming (50 words minimum):I have been staff on a good amount of servers and communities, but everyone i have been staff on has never been up more then a few months. I would love to keep order and everyone in place to help this community and server continue to grow and improve. Sometimes, to be completely honest with everyone, i can find being a “staff on duty” is more fun for me then doing rp. Though i love to rp, being able to help anyone when they need help and stop minges when they need to be stopped means a lot to me.

Previous experience staffing GMOD servers:
Evil Yoda Networks starwarsrp Moderator 
OutBackGaming starwarsrp Moderator 
JAWS ImperialRP starwarsrp Trail Moderator 
Taurus Server starwarsrp Admin 
Endless Networks starwarsrp Developer 
sunlight network MilitaryRP Community Manager
Server Name #Gamemode #Position

Do you have any previous infractions (warns/bans)? If so, list them:yes i have  but im a good guy warn link

What does RDM mean:
Random Death Match

What does L2AP mean:
Leaving to avoid punishment, this normally occurs when a player has broken a rule, such as RDM for example after killing a player for no reason the player will leave to try and avoid being warned.

What does RDA mean:
Random arrest

up date  the app
I have deleted the -1's that had the reasoning of Lack of Effort and don't meet word count as the application has been updated.


I have played with you a little bit and you are a good guy who tries his hardest. However, I'm not sure that you're the right fit for the staff team. Your record seems impressive but as I said I am not sure that you are the right fit for the staff team.
    - Sam
Community Manager

-1 I still do not believe he would be suitable for staff. I also believe that his paragraph on why he should be made a staff member is not necessarily good in any way. I will not be changing my mind.

Sorry to -1 but I've had a few mingey experiences with you.

Good luck!
Cheers from,

ISB Branch Commander - Director Krennic

Brigadier Richard
Admiral Richard
Bureau Chief Richard
Petty Officer Richard
You have a solid application, I can tell that some form of effort has gone into it. I have seen you around the map and have taken your sits. You're a funny guy to be around and you work hard to get shit done. I will be leaving a NEUTRAL on this application for two reasons. One is because I have had an altercation in which you were extremely rude to me during a staff sit.
The second is because you have multiple warns.

If you can prove to me that you wont get any more warns for the next 14 days & stay on your best behaviour whilst RP'ing. I will change my response to a +1 and im sure all the other guys will too. You just haven't proven yourself up until now so making a staff app is a little too much.

Best of luck with your application


[Image: uldoapb1277.png]

I like the fort put into the application it’s a lot better than before but the warns are a bit worrying but I don’t think you deserve a negative so I am going to leave you with a neutral and hope that you don’t receive anymore warns

Good luck

-1 Although I did appreciate you changing your application, I still believe you are mingey and you have not shown any proof to me as of recent that you are not. I actually have rarely seen you on the server at all recently. If you want to be staff you need to improve your activity and stop being a minge, because we already have plenty of staff members who are fully capable of doing their jobs and are very active.

Stormtrooper PVT 4326 Sigma


High Colonel 4326 Sigma (Medics)
Lieutenant Colonel K-01 (Deathtroopers)
My -1 remains as while I believe you have considerably changed this app for the better, it doesn't change the fact your attitude and actual disposition toward the server has been...mingey to say the least and as the other posters in this thread have shown, you're a minge. Being a minge doesn't necessarily mean you don't have the capacity to be mature, it just means you don't want to be and until you improve your behavior I'm afraid I cannot +1 or even go neutral. On top of this again, it seems like you have not put in the effort to be a staff member.

You have posted and posted this thread time and time again with a little bit more detail each time but on the server you certainly haven't changed your behavior to reflect this mindset of wanting to be a staff member.

On a side note, @SamSon, I do not believe it is your place to remove -1's because he edited his post. In future I'd recommend you let it happen naturally, maybe the applicant will tell everyone who has -1'd his app or even went neutral that he changed it for the better and thus we would have all edited our comments. Obviously I can't force you to do anything but I'd seriously reconsider removing -1's for what is honestly no reason in the future if I were you.
Sorry to but I have to give this a -1

You seem like a cool guy but I don't think that a staff member should have Warn's for Staff disrespect It kind of just says that you will probably abuse your powers. Again as i said you seem like a fine guy but power can change people and how they act.

Feel free to re-apply in 2 weeks.

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