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Hierarchy/ information [Constantly updating/evolving]
  • All Troopers must SALUTE to Darth Vader
  • All Troopers must BOW To Emperor Palpatine
  • Officer Cadet + and equivalent in other regiments have a Pilot Licence but cannot spawn a ship.
    ships must be returned when not in use unless they are for RP or Event purposes.
  • You always salute to your higher-ups - Any rank that is higher than you in your clearance level (excluding Certain Sith, Royal and Shadow Guards, Droids, Bounty Hunters, Navy Engineers)
  • Just because you have clearance to an area doesn't mean you can just enter unannounced - eg. a Flight Commodore couldn't just rock into ISB HQ just because he can.
  • You do not need to salute to Sith other than Vader
  • You do not need to bow to sith other than Palaptine
  • Troopers cannot command sith, but Sith are not allowed to loiter in areas they are not suppost to be in.
  • Sith, Bounty Hunters,  Droids, Royal Guards, Shadow Guards, Navy Engineers have no Military Power and cannot control the army.
  • ISB > can control DTS depending on clearance level.
  • Chairman can control Any Deathtroopers.
  • Director & Deputy Director can control all Death Troopers that are CL4 and below
  • CL4 ISB can control death troopers that are CL3 And below.

  • Sith cannot command troopers at any time.
  • Royal Guards and Shadow guards have a Clearance level of 0 regardless of rank, Although have area access while Guarding their protectee
  • Sith do not command the army - Only Vader and Palpatine do.
  • Royal Guards and Shadow guards have to remain silent aside from Higher ranking members.
  • Royal Guards cannot use force powers.
  • Royal and Shadow Guards are not SITH And must use normal taking off and landing codes.
  • Sith must use Landing and Taking off codes to avoid being shot down.
  • Only Instructors+ for Both SG and RG can host tryouts and trainings. To become a SG, You must either be Sith or Royal Guard or have permission from Management+ - Instructors+ may talk during Tryouts and Trainings.

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