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T-Mod Application Template
Do not ask us to look at your application! We get on every day to have a look but it may take some time to be accepted, once you post the app we will be keeping an eye on your actions.


Steam ID:
Steam Name:
Roleplay Name:
Discord Name: (Include numbers)

Age (must be 14+):
Time on Server (over 1 Day required)

Why do you want to be staff on the Galactic Gaming SWRP server? 
(150 words or less):

Previous infractions -bans-warns-kicks:

Do you have any experience with staffing servers?:

What is ulx and do you have experience with it?:

PART A - General knowledge (Explain what the subject is and give a scenario as an example!)









Part B scenarios
(Answer with what you would do)

(a)Player X kills player Y and the logs confirm it but player X says he definitely did not kill him, when you explain that the logs say he did kill him, player X leaves what do you do?:

(b)A player calls an admin sit asking for someone to Perma-Prop their building, But as T-mod you don't have access. How do you deal with this situation?:

©While roleplaying you see someone being extremely annoying in one way or another and some users complain about them to you. You look into the !Rules and see he isn't actually breaking any rules. When you call him to a sit he starts saying things that definitely annoy you, but still doesn't swear or badmouth you. He is extremely toxic and makes you repeat everything, claiming his headset is broken. What do you do?


If you are accepted you will be put on trial for up to 2 weeks depending on how well you perform. Do not complain about your trial unless its been an absurd amount of time. Example 1 Month.

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