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Jesters T-Mod application
Steam ID: 76561198188003475
Steam NameBig GrinJTroll1
Roleplay Name:  master sergeant 1212 Jester
Discord Name: @limedj#2623

Age (must be 14+): 14. 15 in one month
Time on Server (over 1 Day required) 3

Why do you want to be staff on the Galactic Gaming SWRP server? 
(150 words or less): The reason I would love to join the staff team. And be staff on the server is because it has a great community vibe with great people and community. I would love to be staff on a server were everybody cares about one and another.

Previous infractions -bans-warns-kicks: N/A

Do you have any experience with staffing servers?: I was once a moderator on a little star wars server but there was never any people

What is ulx and do you have experience with it?: ULX are commands that get people out of a certain situation e.g. setting your health and bringing a player to you
PART A - General knowledge (Explain what the subject is and give a scenario as an example!)

RDM: Random death match where a player kills in serious rp or kills multiple with no or little valid reason

Propblock: is where another kills players by using a prop let it be by mistake or not. When your building and someone kills you

FailRP:  when your out of character e.g. when someone gags you and you start using chat even though your not meant to talk

Metagaming: When you use the chat/other methods to know someone or something e.g knowing that one ST is a rebel spy by their session clock

Minging: where people abuse their mics/scream into their mics and have no intent to rp

NLR: New life rule. Once you die in an event or by accident you have no recollection of what has happened

L2AP: Leave to avoid punishment is where one player leaves the server to not get a warning, kick or ban by leaving the server in time


Part B scenarios
(Answer with what you would do)

(a)Player X kills player Y and the logs confirm it but player X says he definitely did not kill him, when you explain that the logs say he did kill him, player X leaves what do you do?:

Grab their steam id by using the chats log off details to then warn his/her about L2AP, RDM and lying to staff members. The ban will be roughly 4-6 days.

(b)A player calls an admin sit asking for someone to Perma-Prop their building, But as T-mod you don't have access. How do you deal with this situation?:

I would ask what use has this brought to the server and if there response is good enough then I would ask an admin to perma-prop.

©While roleplaying you see someone being extremely annoying in one way or another and some users complain about them to you. You look into the !Rules and see he isn't actually breaking any rules. When you call him to a sit he starts saying things that definitely annoy you, but still doesn't swear or badmouth you. He is extremely toxic and makes you repeat everything, claiming his headset is broken. What do you do?

Ill type out the situation and ask him what’s wrong and that he needs to calm down and tell him that there’s nothing wrong/toxic about it, ill kindly ask him/her to have a rest or anything to keep them calm. If a came back and there still acting the same. Ill give a warning for toxicity and let him be, we don’t tolerate this sort of behaviour is not tolerated on tis server

The big grin was a typo and its DJTroll1 for the steam name opps
I admire your willingness to apply, however I just don't think you are ready for Staff . -1 from me

The only interaction i have with you was when someone did a staff claim because you propblocked medbay and went AFK.
[Image: 4dCpoqY.png]
No, we are not inactive but we are fairly quiet right now. Application looks good. You can seek me out at Stormwind Council on Tuesday if you want to make contact ICly.

XEvil 4.0 + RCModule: NEW the best program for solving any CAPTCHA, including Google ReCaptcha-2
My friend who fixes monitors, eg SM124, is looking for any application to test/set the screen on the SM124 monitor control screen.
I do not remember but I think that, somewhere, somewhen,I saw it.
Does anyone have something like that ?

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