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Dumblegalf's Admin Application
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:72991976
Steam name: Dumblegalf
Roleplay name: Emperor Palpatine
Discord name: Dumblegalf#5401


Must be the rank of Moderator before applying for administrator.

Time Played on server: I currently have 2 weeks

Sit Claims: I currently have 185 (I understand that the required amount is 170, however, I believe that I have shown a a tremendous amount of respect, gratitude, and maturity towards the server and it's community. There have been instances were people have questioned my integrity, called me out for no particular reason but I have risen above that. I have used my place as Moderator for the betterment of this community and not only changed my experience on the server, but the experience of those around me. This is why I believe that 170 sits is not a massive deal)   

Forum Posts: I have 26 posts and see myself as an active member of the servers forums.

Previous Infractions: I have one minor infraction of RDM, which was dealt with swiftly by Juan. I apologized for my actions and the situation was dealt with accordingly. Other than this, I have have no prior warnings/infractions. 

Why do you think you should become a Administrator of Galactic Gaming SWRP (At least 200 words minimum):

I believe that I should become an administrator of Galactic Gaming SWRP because I am a well respected member of the community who strives to uphold the integral values, morals and respect this server demands, and deserves. I am a senior player on this server with well over 2 weeks of time which has almost ALL been spent doing things that benefit not only me, but the community that surrounds me. I operate my ability as a Moderator without Bias or prejudice however, within reason of course. 

I plan on implementing many server functions if I reach the rank of Administrator, such as a more strict play on rules and focusing heavily on those who break them, this means that I will be a no-nonsense administrator, as I currently am striving to be, without coming off as TOO harsh and or severe. I also wish to address current situations with management more closely, and I believe in reaching this role, it would allow me to do so much more effectively. I believe I have many more attributes that would make me the perfect candidate for the position of Administrator; as I am a professional, hard working staff member who pushes myself to do as much as possible to help out wherever I can. 

I am also up for taking criticism and improving upon things than can be improved upon, I can take no for an answer and if someone has an issue with the way I pose myself, I am more than happy to listen to any feedback ANYONE has, this is what makes me the right person for this job. It is important that an Administrator listens to the needs of those around him, and I believe I can do this very well, as I have done so in the past. I see no need to skip over things such as this, as the word of the community is JUST AS IMPORTANT as that of the Management team, if not in some circumstances, more important, this is why I would like to use my power as Admin, if I were to reach this rank, to levy more community functions to the management teams, possibly hosting more events or even hosting giveaways to the community once per month. This in turn would create less of a divide between the player-base, and it's staff members, which I believe can be narrowed down even more than it already is. 



 (A) You saw a Senior Admin+ abuse but forgot to take a screenshot. What do you do?
     I would take the situation up with management, steering clear of the situation entirely. Not before acquiring the information needed to prove that what the Senior Administrator has done in abuse of power in any way, as this is a serious matter. 

(1A) If there was other witnesses: I would ask them to appeal to a member of management of which the issue would be reported to. It may not be much, but it make insight management to look into the situation further. 

(2A) If you were the only one that saw it: I would deal with this the same way as if there was a witness, I would report it to management and hope they they have the means to deal with the situation in a manner of which they see fit. 


(B) You over hear a conversation about people saying you're bad at being staff. What do you do? 
I bring them aside, if they aren't RP'ing and or I message them on discord/ingame and ask them how they believe I am bad at being staff. I then take whatever they say into consideration as the word of any player is important , especially when it comes to how they fell the server is being ran.


© Someone offers you PayPal money for you to abuse, And ban a user they dislike. What do you do? 

I take the player aside, most likely to a secluded area which no-one else can overhear, I have a talk as to why they wish me to do this, and then if I see fit, which in most cases of bribing, I either warn them for "Trying to bribe a Staff Member" and or, if need be, ban them for 1 day for the same reason as stated above. This is not something to be taken lightly and will NOT be dealt with lightly. 


(D) A trial mod doesn't know what the punishment for one of the rules. What do you do? 

You ask him what rule he needs help with and you offer him as much assistance as required and tell him what he can do to learn a few of the rules quickly without being condescending and or rude. 


What can you do to help Galactic Gaming SWRP (At least 150 words): 

I can do many things to help this community out; here are a few ways how...

1. I can offer all of my spare time helping out around the community to better the users experience within the community. 
2. I can and have been working on a MASSIVE reform of the sith order which will be in full show when it is completed.
3. I can and do take staff/admin sits seriously. Every. Single. Time. 
4. I can RP to the highest standards of that of the Galactic Gaming Community, showing that I am not only a suitable staff member, but a suitable Darth Vader as well. 
5. I can manage staff/players/regiments like a professional. I have real world AND in game experience with these sort of things and would be the perfect candidate to do so in the future.  
6. I can focus on what needs to be done next, and get it done to the best of my abilities. 
7. I can be the right person for this job, which I believe I am. 

I will prove to you, no matter how long it takes, that I suit this position best, and that I will not take this job lightly, nor should any body else and I am ready for the responsibility bestowed when given the rank of Administrator on the Galactic Gaming Network .


Do you swear to not abuse your powers? I swear, that as Darth Vader and an administrator that I will NOT abuse my powers as either character.

Thank you! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my application, I am open to any criticism and if you wish to discuss some of these things in further detail, feel free to contact me via discord. 

I hope you take me into consideration for this role. 


End of application.
Granted you don’t have the required amount of sits but you have earned admin a million times with all of your dedication to the server and your enthusiasm. It’s also helpful that you put in an extreme amount of effort into your application. You are one of the best staff members I know and you are a great player ingame

Massive +1 from me

Good luck with the rest of your app

I can see that you have put a lot of dedication to the server and spent the extra hours trying to make Sith a massive Regiment. With that dedication I believe you will suit the role of Administrator. Now there are some things to point out, you didn't meet the required sit claims but I know you will help the community in every way. Another thing to point out would be the amount of hours you spend on the server, most of the time you play for a long time each day, some would be AFK, however I'm still giving you a +1 because I know you are quick on you feet to aid anyone and seem to always be willing to lend a hand to a staff member in need.
Im giving a +1.
+1 no explanation needed, top bloke and deserves the position more than most people do. His behavior in game and effort put into the application display it flawlessly.
+1 - an all-round nice guy and is willing to help others. I really respect him and believe he deserves this rank.

+1 - an all-round nice guy and is willing to help others. I really respect him and believe he deserves this rank.

I believe you are a good moderator when are not AFK.
[Image: 4dCpoqY.png]
Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to meet you on discord and in the game. Unfortunatley Im just a lowley Count and cant vote for you, but you still got my support if needed. Great Application so far. Keep it going

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