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Ridge (Tarkin) Staff App
Steam ID:76561198105943533

Steam Name:SpookySpider92 ( )
Roleplay Name: Grand Moff Tarkin
Discord Name: (Include numbers) Ridge#4144

Age (must be 14+): 17
Time on Server (over 1 Day required) 1D 17HR

Why do you want to be staff on the Galactic Gaming SWRP server? 
(150 words or less): As the community grows, there will be more and more players joining everyday, not all of them will be here to role-play. Which means that the need for extra staff members will arise. I believe that my previous experience moderating on other games would prove helpful to the server, also the server has given me some great times in the small span I've been on it, so I think it's only fair to try help the server and community as much as I can.

Previous infractions -bans-warns-kicks: Never

Do you have any experience with staffing servers?:  ROK - Moderator (ARMA 3) MINETIME.COM - Admin (MINECRAFT)

What is ulx and do you have experience with it?: Commands. ULX is the command system used on Gmod for administration, I know the basics of ULX. 

PART A - General knowledge (Explain what the subject is and give a scenario as an example!)

RDM: Random Death Match, when a player kills another player with no valid RP reason.

Propblock: When a player blocks a room/walkway with props, rendering it impossible to get around.

FailRP: Not following server rules and staying in character. 

Metagaming: Using information you don't have. (OOC)

Minging: Being a nuisance ,pestering,yelling and causing disruption.

NLR: New life rule, when a player dies they return to the situation which they had just died at, and continues in the RP.

L2AP: Leaving the server, so staff members can't issue you with a punishment. (warns/kicks/bans)


Part B scenarios
(Answer with what you would do)

(a)Player X kills player Y and the logs confirm it but player X says he definitely did not kill him, when you explain that the logs say he did kill him, player X leaves what do you do?: Issue player X with RDM and L2AP

(b)A player calls an admin sit asking for someone to Perma-Prop their building, But as T-mod you don't have access. How do you deal with this situation?: Ask admin chat if they would be able to perma-prop his building for him, if no Admins are responding at the time, ask the player to copy the building, and re-assure them that I'll message them when a higher up has logged on.

©While roleplaying you see someone being extremely annoying in one way or another and some users complain about them to you. You look into the !Rules and see he isn't actually breaking any rules. When you call him to a sit he starts saying things that definitely annoy you, but still doesn't swear or badmouth you. He is extremely toxic and makes you repeat everything, claiming his headset is broken. What do you do?
First of all, I'd try to take control of the situation, by informing him that other players have reported him, but he hasn't broken any rules so he wont be receiving any punishment, once everything has been explained about the situation and we're both understanding, I'd suggest to him to steer clear of the other players that reported him. Then I'd talk to the players that had just reported him and ask them to avoid the player if possible.

Cheers for Reading.
My only problem is your lack of hours. I have seen you on, you'e good at role-play and I haven't had any problems with you as of yet. Neutral. Get your hours up and I shall re-consider my Neutral vote. Good luck
+1 The last couple days ridge has been learning how to do the job rank system and the Custom Light Sabers when they broke. Instead him leaving he wanted to stay and help.

+1 The last couple days ridge has been learning how to do the job rank system and the Custom Light Sabers when they broke. Instead him leaving he wanted to stay and help.
Server Manager

Surface Marshal (IHC)
+1 | Always in RP, never once have I seen him break any rules and he is always helping out other members
[Image: HFCby6b.png]
Ridge I'm gonna give a soild +1 reason being its that you are really active, you show kindness around the community.
Your applcation is really good but, you should add a bit more detail into Part A - General Knowledge, should explain what they mean as well.
But other than that your applcation is good hope to see you on the staff team.

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