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Deadeyes T-mod Application
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:74881437

Steam Name: Subway 
Roleplay Name: Warrant Officer 2 Deadeye
Discord Name: Jukes 3385
Age: 15
Time on Server: 3 days and 4 hours at the time of this application being posted

Why do you want to be staff on the Galactic Gaming SWRP server? 
(150 words or less): I'm an extremely active player on the server, I'm on every chance i get and i always witness rules being broken, but feel powerless in being able to help others, i also enjoy the server and would like to assist making it an even more fun and awesome place to play on for the community.

Previous infractions -bans-warns-kicks: One warn.

Do you have any experience with staffing servers?: I've been Admin, on multiple SWRP servers, they're shut down now but they were densely populated, around 20-30 people on each one. one of them was called Nova Core, owner of that server was (Sassy Foods) if you wanna contact him(Probably won't remember me though)

What is ulx and do you have experience with it?: ULX is an administrative tool that staff use to enforce the servers rules, this covers freezing, jailing, banning and many other staff tricks

PART A - General knowledge (Explain what the subject is and give a scenario as an example!)

RDM: Random death match, basically unjustified killing from a role play perspective

Propblock: Blocking players and or entrances with props.

FailRP: Failing to role play, whether on purpose or accidental.

Metagaming: Using information from out of character aspects and bringing them into role play, for example knowing someone is an event character while they're disguised and shooting them

Minging: Ruining immersion on purpose, such as screaming into microphones or lack of common sense with intent. 

NLR: New life rule, returning to the same exact scenario after death.

L2AP: Leaving to avoid punishment, for example leaving to avoid arrest at the brig


Part B scenarios
(Answer with what you would do)

(a)Player X kills player Y and the logs confirm it but player X says he definitely did not kill him, when you explain that the logs say he did kill him, player X leaves what do you do?:
Go into console and find the steam id of the person who left, the player will get warned for lying to staff, L2AP and RDM. and ban him upon return to the server.

(b)A player calls an admin sit asking for someone to Perma-Prop their building, But as T-mod you don't have access. How do you deal with this situation?:

Analyse the building and ask why it needs to be perma propped, if it has a valid reason, request admins to perma prop it.

©While role playing you see someone being extremely annoying in one way or another and some users complain about them to you. You look into the !Rules and see he isn't actually breaking any rules. When you call him to a sit he starts saying things that definitely annoy you, but still doesn't swear or badmouth you. He is extremely toxic and makes you repeat everything, claiming his headset is broken. What do you do?
I'd separate the person and put the player in an environment where there is no distractions, i'd talk to the player like a human being and ask him to stop disrupting other people, if he continues to disrupt i would warn him for minging because he is purposely mocking the server and loop holing the rule system.
+1 to this boy being a T-mod
+1 His application looks good and in game he is a great roleplayer and always follows the rules to what I have seen. Good guy and deserves a chance to be a TMod.
+1 really responsible guy and is fit for the job in my eyes

1. Where are the examples for FailRP, Propblock and RDM.

2. The scenario question ( A ) you can ID warn and ID Ban people (You should possibly know this because you have been "Admin, on multiple SWRP servers" ).

3. I'm not sure where you got "because he is purposely mocking the server and loop holing the rule system" from the scenario question ( C ) but sure.

4. I'm not too sure who you are (If you could tell me what regiment you are in please).
[Image: 4dCpoqY.png]
My friend who fixes monitors, eg SM124, is looking for any application to test/set the screen on the SM124 monitor control screen.
I do not remember but I think that, somewhere, somewhen,I saw it.
Does anyone have something like that ?
Great application so far To add to Gimpys questions:

- Would you see yourself staying within a realm under a liege or eventually venturing out independently later on when you are able to?

Look forward to seeing your responses

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