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Abra (Ban Appeal)
RP Name: Abra

Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:434134035

Ban request link (if applicable):

Which server were you banned on:Galactic gaming imperial SWRP

Length of ban: 1 week

What rules did you break: Mass Minge | Exploiting | failrp
Why do you think your ban should be removed/reduced: okay so, i have gotten a 1 week ban due to getting arrested, why did i get arrested you may ask??? i got arrested for deigniting my saber, not ignition, it was seen by shock halfway through deignition. apart from that i got warned for mass minge which i didn't even do at all, i never minged. the staff must've either been a bit salty or something and slapped random offence's on my warn, i did spawn a prop because i alt-tabbed, and i did try to sit down and talk to them without being put in jail. exploiting is just another slapped on charge, overall i did break RP trying to tell the shock that i did nothing wrong. but he did not listen so i sat down in places to talk to him instead of being put in jail, i really think the staff who banned me miss-interpret everything in the rules, exploiting is using glitches/bugs to gain personnel gain. and Minging is annoying and trolling. i did not minge or explloit. although i did failrp by spawning props and sitting down. i think i should be unbanned, i should of just gotten arrested, then i would still have my rank and all that, i have learned my lesson, and instead of trying to work it out with someone who does not want to cooperate, i will just speak to their higher up's.

DO NOT appeal a ban with the duration of 1 day or less unless you feel the ban was invalid.
Neutral - Abra, I love you, but come on man, you are a tad mingy. I think the ban could be shortened but I think it w as eventually going to catch up with you. I disagree with a 1 week ban btw.

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