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Xiverta's Ban Appeal
RP Name: Xiverta
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:63083203
Ban request link (if applicable):
Which server were you banned on: SWRP
Length of ban: 4 days
What rules did you break: Disrespect (in my opinion over reaction)
Why do you think your ban should be removed/reduced: Because I was told id be banned for 1-2 days and I was banned for 4. There are reasons I have been a bit aggressive lately and I said in the sith discord its a personal reason which may look like an excuse but isn't and I will gladly explain to management one on one about it. and yes I do agree I was a bit rude but I also done think lying about my ban time. I have settled down from the life events and am tying to ignore people getting to me head. (proof of what I was told)

DO NOT appeal a ban with the duration of 1 day or less unless you feel the ban was invalid.
Okay, I understand where you are coming from and I apologise for what I said about the lentgh. But in the past I have seen you been disresecptful to not only other players but staff members. 5 days was a bit overkill and now I am re-thinking it. We've had many reports of disresepct from you and even if there was life issues, other people may have some aswell. And you might have also ticked them off a little bit from what you have said. As many people say 'If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it'.

And again I apologise for saying 1-2 days. Then banning you for 4-5.
Staff - Moderator

Cheers, Franz (the best) Tongue
Look, I agree that life problems can be a big factor, and I understand they you and I may not have the best relationship, but that doesn't mean there haven't been reports, multiple reports at that of you being rude/disrespectful. This is something I won't tolerate, I am sorry if I got on your nerves, I apologize for that however all I did was my job, and I did it to the best of my abilities, that is why I was not in-charge of your ban. I agree that 4-5 days was a tad bit too long and I explained that I only wish the ban length to be that of 2 days. If you wish to have a further discussion with me I am happy to listen to ANYTHING you say.
Not his first time he's been told off for disrespect or player abuse. You punish people lightly they re-offended. Since it's not his first time, in all honesty, I think your ban should be longer. Regardless, if a staff member is going to say 1 to 2 days, their in a sit and most times a lot of things come out unintended or by mistake.
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In all honesty, it seems you are the ONLY person who thinks your warns aren't deserved. You think that you haven't disrespected staff? Riddle me this. If I decide to disrespect a player who happens to be dealing with you in a staff situation, is that staff disrespect? I think so, so does everyone else it seems. So you "calling out" or "Proving wrong" to staff members means nothing, it's blatant disrespect. I've tried countless time to tell you to tone your attitude down, so have many others. Now it's out of control, I still even see you condescending people in Discord. Will you ever learn?
(12-08-2018, 08:42 AM)Beautiful Death Wrote: im sure you all think my warns are just but I can promise you most of you hate me for trying to get guards more power so we can actually RP ect and most of the staff warnings are false and bullshit I know the people who warned me dont like being called out or proven wrong you can say im being toxic but to be fair im not the only one who thinks my warns are stupid and have been done by "salty staff" and I will be honest Richard has been one of them again I think the staff need to watch more on there warns as I have not disrespected any staff yes some players and I shouldn't have but just cause you are a staff member and dont like some one doesn't mean its staff disrespect.

also if you want to argue this I'm more than happy to explain it much more clear.

I’m not here to argue but honestly, how dare you call me salty staff on someone’s else ban appeal.
I haven’t seen you on the server for a weeek and haven’t even encountered a problem with you since 3 weeks ago. It appears you, are salty that i was doing my job. Happens a lot with minges like you.

And Xiverta, in my opinion your ban should be longer. Al you do is disrespect not only staff and players.
You need to learn to calm down and think of a better option, possibly report to management if you fell this staff member ISB being biased or not handling the situation as they should.
Cheers from,

ISB Branch Commander - Director Krennic

Brigadier Richard
Admiral Richard
Bureau Chief Richard
Petty Officer Richard
I would agree with some points that Richard has made.

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