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Dacho (Rat's) T-Mod Application
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:432055781
Steam Name: Dacho
Roleplay Name: Dacho
Discord Name: Dacho#7732

Age (must be 14+): Yes, I am over the age of 14
Time on Server (over 1 Day required): 4 days

Why do you want to be staff on the Galactic Gaming SWRP server? 
(150 words or less): I would like to be staff on Galactic Gaming Starwars RP server becuase I want to get to know the community better and help it grow better than it already is. I also have previously been a moderator on this server but resigned due to gmod getting boring, I am now getting back into gmod and I feel as if becoming a moder/t-mod on this server will help me gain more experience and re adjust my skills I already have.

Previous infractions -bans-warns-kicks: No

Do you have any experience with staffing servers?: Yes, I have staffed 3 starwars RP server. This one included

What is ulx and do you have experience with it?: ULX are quick and easy commands for staff to use instead of typing the entire command in tough or sticky situations. Although I have some experience with ULX, I am still unlocking other areas to ULX that I have not used before.

PART A - General knowledge (Explain what the subject is and give a scenario as an example!)

RDM: Random Deathmatch. Scenario(s): Randomly killing a player without their consent.

Propblock: Blocking something/someone/area with props. Scenario(s): Trapping a player, or blocking an area so you do not get in trouble.

FailRP: Going out of RP and ruining their own and others immersion. Scenario(s): RDM'ing during an event and/or minging.

Metagaming: Metagaming is when a player uses real-life knowledge to determine the characters actions when they have no knowledge or awareness of the situation. Scenario(s): Bending rules, altering behaviour.

Minging: Messing around and annoying others. Scenario(s): Mic spamming and excessive abuse of tools/weapons.

NLR: When a player dies, they have to start over. Not revealing anything they knew that no one else knew about the current event that. Scenario(s): Knowing where a target is, dying and then spreading the info. (If no one already knows that info)

L2AP: Leaveing to avoid punishment (Thank you to those who provided me with the definition). Scenario(s): Getting put in an admin sit and leaving before it starts to avoid punishment.

Part B scenarios
(Answer with what you would do)

(a)Player X kills player Y and the logs confirm it but player X says he definitely did not kill him, when you explain that the logs say he did kill him, player X leaves what do you do?: If the situation is not really serious, I will speak to player Y and tell them that it has been dealt with. How ever, if it is serious enough, I will contact them through steam/discord and give them a warning when they get back on. 

(b)A player calls an admin sit asking for someone to Perma-Prop their building, But as T-mod you don't have access. How do you deal with this situation?: If an admin is not currently on, I calmy exlplain to the player why I cannot perma-rop, hoping they understand.

©While roleplaying you see someone being extremely annoying in one way or another and some users complain about them to you. You look into the !Rules and see he isn't actually breaking any rules. When you call him to a sit he starts saying things that definitely annoy you, but still doesn't swear or badmouth you. He is extremely toxic and makes you repeat everything, claiming his headset is broken. What do you do?: Since I have gotten multiple reports, I will talk to the player to kindly stop what they are doing. If they do not stop and begin to annoy me personally, I will not take it into account. If this player did continue being toxic toward me and other players, he would verbally warned. If I could not handle the situation, I would talk to a moderator/admin about the player.
I have never heard of you, nor have I seen you in game. Also, you stated that you are is, and I quote "Ye" Please fix this and I will be inclined to change my -1 which I will be giving you, to a neutral and or +1.
Rat is a great player and has moderated on this server previously. He is mature and knows how to RP.
The thread needs an explanation of what ULX and L2AP are, if you want to add that.
Furthermore, meta-gaming is not getting RP info for a RP situation, a quick google search will give you the answer, but don't copy-paste.
Therefore, I give you a:


other than that,
Good luck,
Major General Wings
Imperial High Command
Senior Admin
I haven't had many past experiences with you but your application is a little less than what I believe should be in a Staff application. L2AP is leaving to avoid a punishment if no one has already told you so it would be good to update the app and change this.
Anyway sorry for giving this a -1 but hopefully you can prove me wrong and get the position instead
He updated the app after I helped him out and he has staffed on this server before and I think he deserves another chance so I am going to give it a +1 and I hope everyone else can change their responses.

Good luck with the rest of your application

Is that Dayco?
Memes aside this is a easy +1, you have been a friend of mine in the past and you were a good staff member overall.
Currently: Master Agent Stanley (ISB)
               Private 2400 Stanley (ST)

Formerly: Grand Moff Tarkin
               Chief of Staff Stanley
               Moderator (DarkRP)
               Trial Moderator (SWRP)
               Event Master (SWRP)


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