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Event Master Application Template
6 Hours in game
Must know the tools well
Well known in the community
Experience with ULX (Even if its just a little)
Must be 14+
Must have a Microphone

Application Template

In-game name : 

Steam ID: 

Discord Name:

Any warns or bans?:


How many hours on the server?:

Do you own a mic?:

Why are you applying for EM?:

Why should we accept you over others?:

How can you help our event team?:

What previous experiences have you had in event making before?:

Are you familiar with the following tools? Describe them: 
NPC Tools:
Voice Amplifier:

Make an in-depth event. Include the map, characters, and their traits, along with all dialogue (This is the most important part of the application. Please put a lot of effort to make it good.):

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