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Prone Addon
Prone Addon
Adding this Addon to the server will allow for Commanding Officers to add an extension for their tryouts e.g Having troops proning under objects while the officer shoot above them. During events being able to prone will give troopes more cover from incoming fire especially for the defensive units that are Protecting an area. The prone Mod will mostly used by scouting units such as Scouts on their recon missions and assassinations.The Prone mod also decreases the recoil of your weapon relieving  the units that have access to high recoil weapons.
 Navy Commando
+1, I've seen this addon in use many times before and I myself have used this addon. I think this will make a good addition to the server as it can help with troops learning how to take cover and learning to adapt when there's nothing to hide behide

This has been added.
    - Sam
Community Manager

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