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Imperial RP Rules
--General Rules--
1. No Minging
2. No RDM
3. Don't break NLR
4. Don't FailRP
5. Don't Metagame (using information from OOC and using it in roleplay)
6. No bullying, harassment or racism
7. Have an appropriate name
8. No Advertising
9. Troopers cannot shoot Jedi/Sith at anytime in RP or events unless they attack them
10. Use common sense

--Pilot Rules--
1. Do not enter a vehicle without authorization
2. You cannot shoot ships if you are in combat without permission
3. Officer cadet+ and equivalent have a pilot license
4. No ship ramming

--Sith Rules--
1. Do not use force powers you do not know. You should only use deflect and leap
2. Igniting your lightsaber is considered as discharging your weapon and that is an arrestable offense
3. No force choking in events
4. Sith has no military power, even when assigned to a regiment. Therefore, Sith cannot order troopers at any time. This does not apply to Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. 

--Regiment Rules--
1. Do not mass promote members in your regiment without permission. Maximum of 2 per day
2. Do not disrespect other regiments.
3. To be promoted to Officer Cadet, a Master Sergeant must take a test with Regional Government, They will ask a set list of questions and it is their decision whether you pass.
4. If you are a military trooper, you must salute to all superiors, including Sith superiors. If you are an Imperial Officer, you must salute higher officers
5. If you leave, get PKed or switch regiments. You go down 4 ranks. EG if you are Warrant Officer, you would be set to Sergeant in your new regiment
6. Commanding Officers must use the [[Insert Method of Tracking Here]] to keep track of their troopers. If they don't then they can lose their CO Role
7. You must wait a minimum of 2 days from the time you joined a regiment to leave

--Security Rules--
1. No random arresting (RDA)
2. Don't tase event character unless approved by hosting event masters
3. After detaining a prisoner, you must list correct RFA (reason for arrest) codes in comms to validate their arrest.
4. All event characters may be interrogated unless disapproved by the hosting event master.
5. You may not interrogate anybody not accused of a crime or wrongdoing. All players are innocent until proven guilty.

--Promoting Table--

PVT-SGT = 1 Promotion Everyday Maximum 
SGT-OCD = 1 Promotion 2-3 Days Maximum
OCD-2LI = 1 Promotion 4-6 Days Maximum
2LI-MAJ = 1 Promotion 7-12 Days Maximum
MAJ-BRI = 1 Promotion 7-14 Days Maximum (Only by IHC)
JCR-CHI = 1 Promotion Everyday Maximum 
CHI-ENS = 1 Promotion 2-3 Days Maximum
ENS-LIU = 1 Promotion 4-6 Days Maximum
LIU-COM = 1 Promotion 7-12 Days Maximum
COM-HAD = 1 Promotion 7-14 Days Maximum (Only by IHC or Thrawn)
AOP-MOP = 1 Promotion Everyday Maximum
AAG-MAG = 1 Promotion 2-3 Days Maximum
IAD-ASC = 1 Promotion 7-12 Days Maximum
CHI-DIR = 1 Promotion 7-14 Days Maximum (Only by IHC or Chairman)

If your regiment has different ranks and its not up here, Still follow the standards and slow promotions down when you are a higher level

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